Everyone knows that this year has been really tough for anyone who happens to be planning a wedding, and for many couples, their original plans could no longer move ahead as they imagined. Through all that has been going on, however, I’ve seen couples go from plan A to plan B to plan C (like these beautiful humans, Maddy + Dylan!) and still have the most joyous, beautiful wedding days.

I love that couples are still choosing to be married, despite the circumstances! If you’re considering eloping now, my vote is to go for it! Larger receptions can happen later on when it’s safe, but a small micro-wedding or elopement now can be so, so special. With just a few of your closest family members and friends surrounding you, the focus of the day is shifted. Your timeline won’t be as rushed and you will be able to take in more of what’s happening when there aren’t 200 people to greet and have conversations with. Then, when the time comes, you can throw the biggest party with ALL of your people!! In the end, it will all be so worth it. Two celebrations are always better than one, right?!


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