I recently had the opportunity to fly all the way across the country to not only photograph a wedding in Oregon, but also to stay with some family who recently moved out there from Virginia! Seeing Amber and Cale and their 4 sweet babies was so great, and while we were there, we all took a little vacation up to Cannon Beach, which has been at the absolute top of my bucket list of places to see for YEARS! I mean, I love VA and all, but I am slightly jealous of those Oregon wedding photographers who have access to scenery like this all the time! I can honestly say that it is THE most beautiful place I have ever been, and I will take ANY excuse to go back – so like, please hire me to come take photos of you here. For real.  Thanks so much to Amber and Cale for letting me fulfill my dream of photographing a couple next to Haystack Rock and making it appear like they weren’t actually freezing! 😉


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